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From Ishikawa to Taiwan, from Taiwan to the World

Brand Story

A Taiwanese subsidiary of a Japanese company, Taiwan Hokuryo uses our linguistic prowess to promote a variety of forms of commercial interaction between Taiwan and Japan. The tech industry-born quality control system of refined Japanese standards that we have used for numerous languages for over 20 years assures clients of high-quality translations.
In response to the new, post-Covid state of the economy, we are actively promoting digital transformation and improving video conferencing and online seminar interpretation services. We also integrate multimedia design into our translations to provide clients with custom solutions that include such aspects as video, animation, and AI dubbing.

Our History

In January 1947, Hokuryo Denko Co., Ltd. was established in Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan. To focus on Japan-Taiwan relations, in December 1997, Taiwan Hokuryo Co. Ltd. was established in central Taipei City for the import and export trade and virtual offices for electronic components and machined parts.
We have accumulated over two decades of experience in manufacturing, trade, quality control, and sales. We are now expanding our field to translation and interpretation with comprehensive virtual office all-in-one services. We maintain our usual loyal attitude toward customers and provide the exquisite level of service that Japanese professionals are known for.
HOKURYO DENKO CO.,LTD was established.
HOKURYO DENKO CO.,LTD, Taiwan Branch was established.
TAIWAN HOKURYO CO.,LTD was established.
Keep going!
Look forward to the next 70 years.
HOKURYO DENKO Obtained ISO 14001 certification.
HOKURYO DENKO Obtained ISO 9001 certification.

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Our Vision

Beginning in 2010, the Japanese population began contracting, in turn impacting the Japanese market.
We thus realized that we need to focus not only on the Japanese market but the international one as well, especially Asian markets.

Taiwan Hokuryo is working to open up more markets and diversify based on our over 20 years of experience in translation and interpretation.
Our vision is to be a bridge for clients in their international operations.
Managing Director of TAIWAN HOKURYO Co.,Ltd.

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Having trouble with AI, ESG, Digital Transformation, and everything else that’s new out there?
At Taiwan Hokuryo, we always have our hand on the pulse of trends to ensure the best translations!

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